Polygon: from co-creation to award-winning design

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Polygon is a technologically-advanced electric design radiator born from a collaboration between IRSAP Spa and Desall , the online platform dedicated to fostering design innovation through co-creation processes. Polygon has recently been awarded some of the most prestigious awards in the fields of design and innovation, beautifully illustrating how co-creation can be the key to designing products of outstanding aesthetic and technological value.


Polygon was originally designed in 2019 by Italian architect Valentina Volpe within the framework of the design contest “Interior Décor Radiators” created and organized by Desall for IRSAP spa. Throughout 2021, the product has received some of the most sought-after design recognitions including the Red Dot Award – the internationally recognized symbol of high design quality, and the Best of Innovation at the CES 2022 Innovation Awards, a most popular and authoritative event in the field of technology and innovation on a global scale. Below a list of all the awards received so far:


  1. Red Dot Award 2021 – Product Design
  2. Archiproducts Design Awards – Winner 2021
  3. German Design Award 2022
  4. CES 2022 Innovation Awards – Best of Innovation
  5. CES 2022 Innovation Awards Honoree – Home Appliances
  6. Auna Awards 2021 – Best Design for the Plumbing, Climate and Heating category 

Desall: from co-creation contest to award-winning design product

Polygon stems from “Interior Décor Radiators”, the international design contest created and managed by Desall for IRSAP Spa, one of the leading Italian groups in the European heating industry. The contest was hosted on desall.com between April and July 2019, and asked participants to “design a family of electric radiators, with a modern and minimal design” that could be perceived as furnishing elements within the chosen environments of installation (from the official contest brief ). 


The Desall community responded enthusiastically, submitting over 340 entries and actively contributing to the selection of the winning projects. In fact, through specific voting mechanisms open to all Disall users, the project by Italian architect Valentina Volpe, which eventually developed into Polygon, emerged as the most widely appreciated submission and was subsequently selected by the sponsor as an additional winner of the competition . While the final choice is always in the hands of the contest sponsor, the community vote mechanism that characterized “Interior Décor Radiators” is likely to have played a role in the Sponsor’s decision to choose the project from which Polygon would then be developed as a winner .


The outcome of “Interior Décor Radiators” highlights the potential of co-creation processes in the field of design innovation to produce outstanding, award-winning design products. This is made possible by Disall via creative contests that are open to the participation of a global audience, regardless of users’ cultural, educational and professional background, and which, in some instances, include voting mechanisms that allow the Disall community to express their preferences . The community, thus, is given the opportunity to highlight high-quality projects that may otherwise go unnoticed.

You can enter Desall’s creative contests here.