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Barilla Pasta For Special Moments

Início em 31/05/2024 até 10/09/2024

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Barilla Pasta For Special Moments

Barilla and Desall invite you to design new pasta shapes that can celebrate special moments and/or seasonal events also giving a unique consumer experience, which involve aesthetic, functional and gastronomical aspects of the product.

The moments of consumption that Barilla wants to explore are: Togetherness, New year, Back to school,Summer.

The proposed pasta shape must be aesthetically appealing but also able to functionally combine with the condiment, in order to create a polychromatic effect and get a gourmet experience. These shapes will be clear, definite, new, and able to create curiosity in the purchase/choice phase and they will also have to get the consumer creativity in the product use. Different characteristics of the pasta format can be designed and adjusted according to the type of consumption moments (Togetherness, New year, Back to school, Summer). For example, the surface finish (from super smooth to super rough), size, structure, cooking time (related to thickness and shape), colour (based on the raw material), etc. These and other parameters, beyond just the shape, will contribute to creating a user experience consistent with the chosen consumption moments.

You can also think of a new concept relating to the shape transformation during the cooking phase, by getting a change of the state of pasta or a metamorphosis thanks to heat and moisture.

Please note that shapes that are self-explanatory or overly figurative, already available on the market and common, are out of scope and not of interest for Barilla.


For more info: https://bit.ly/Barilla-Pasta-Special-Moments


Contest Timeline 

Upload phase: 31 May 2024 – 10 September 2024 (1.59 PM UTC)

Concept review: 11 June 2024 (1.59 PM UTC)

Client vote: from 10 September 2024

Winner announcement: tentatively by the end of November 2024





Eligibility Criteria

Participation is free of charge and open to designers and creative talents of any nationality aged 18 years or older.


For more info: https://bit.ly/Barilla-Pasta-Special-Moments

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