Floating Room Competition

Início em 14/05/2017 até 31/08/2017

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Water isolates, multiplies and reflects.

Living on water is a challenge that humans have been taking up for a long time.
The Amsterdam houseboats and the Floating Piers at Lake Iseo by Christo + JC show the charm of creating a relationship with water. Besides being a peninsula in the heart of the Mediterranean sea, Italy is also a country rich of water bodies, like lakes, lagoons, canals and streams.


The competition requires to design a double/twin “special room” with restroom, imagining it to be placed on natural or arti cial water bodies, like Lake Iseo or La Darsena (Milan’s city dock) – by way of example, participants are asked to locate the designed room in one or both these reference sites indeed.

The proposals will be evaluated considering the relationship with the context and the architectural innovation level.
The architectural volume should have a maximum size of 25 sq m and a maximum height of 5 m, based on a platform of maximum 30 sq m.
The room should be provided with a sleeping accommodation for 2 people, a restroom/wellness area and any possible special spaces.
Participants are free to choose the materials and the space distribution, both in plan and elevation.

Participation fee

– 1st application period 11 may – 9 july
– 2nd application period 10 july – 1 september

The fee is charged per project, not per person – i.e. in case of a team proposal, the fee should be paid once, whichever is the number of the members.

Prize money
1st place – 1500 €
2nd place – 700 €
3rd place – 300 €

Special mention

free admission to an Archistart contest

Social prize
1st place – free admission to an IAH event
2nd place – free admission to an Archistart contest
3rd place – free admission to an Archistart contest

– 11th May application opening
– 1st September application and submission deadline
– 2nd September voting start on www.archistart.net for social prize
– 23rd September voting end on www.archistart.net for social prize
– 10th October results

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