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We live in a time of great change. As paradigmatic shifts in technology, social networks and the physical environment constantly reshape our way of living, we can foresee that the living space of the future in 10 or even 5 years will be drastically different from what it is today.



How will we live in 2025 with updated basic needs and redefined living spaces? Perhaps, physical space and distance will further give way to digital connectivity, while inter-personal relationships will be complicated by our latest affair with artificial intelligence. Or, unsustainable urban development and the celebration of all things virtual will come to a halt and humans will engage in a renewed conversation with each other and the environment.



With a firm dedication to innovation, NOVA Property Investment Co., Ltd, a leading Chinese property investment and asset management platform, believes that these questions are worth investigating. In the past 3 years, NOVA has created novel business models as well as new physical spaces, and by initiating an annual design award program, NOVA hopes to further its mission in solving current problems and ushering in an era of positive change.



The inaugural NOVA Design Award invites applicants to imagine future living spaces in an urban setting, and intends to build a subsequent physical prototype to promote such creative thinking. It calls for new design proposals based on a single living unit, with a suggested gross floor area of no more than 50 square meters and a clear height not exceeding 6 meters, as part of a high-density context in a first-tier Chinese city.



NOVA hopes that this exercise will stimulate innovation and open unlimited possibilities. The future is now.


June 1, 2018: Free Registration opens
July 1, 2018: Registration closes at 11:59PM, Beijing Time (GMT +8:00)
July 31, 2018: Submission deadline at 11:59PM, Beijing Time (GMT +8:00)
August 6, 2018: Announcement of finalists
August 25, 2018: NOVA DAY (finalist presentations, design forum and awards ceremony)

The Jury will select 5 finalist teams, who will be invited to attend NOVA DAY – the culmination of the competition including a design forum and the awards ceremony. Teams will also be asked to pitch their entries to the Jury at the ceremony, where the final awards will be determined.

All finalist teams will receive a cash award and a NOVA Design Award certificate. Finalist entries will be published on acclaimed media platforms. NOVA welcomes all members of the finalist teams to the events, but will be responsible for travel and lodging expenses for only 1 representative from each finalist team.

Winning entries may result in a physical prototype by NOVA in 2019.

Final awards:
1 First prize: 6000 USD
1 Second prize: 3,000 USD
3 Honorable Mentions:1,500 USD each

Total Cash Awards: 13,500 USD
*The amount of the awards are exclusive of Chinese domestic tax and fees and that of the country of the participant.

1. Innovation
2. Relationship with Technology
3. Sustainability (not limited to environmental performance)
4. Prototype Feasibility

*Criteria above are for reference only and arranged in no specific order. The competition is open to all creative ideas.

Visit our website to learn more.

Contact faq@nova-award.com with any questions.

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