#HamburgCall: Cultural Housing for port city

Início em 07/01/2021 até 25/04/2021

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Archicontest invite to participate #HamburgCall: Cultural Housing for port city.

#1 Theme &Site

Hamburg is Germany’s second city in terms of population and trade, the dense network of canals places it at the center of the major transport campaigns directed to other continents. The fires of the 19th century and the bombings of the Second World War destroyed part of the ancient city and with it representative buildings. The buildings were rebuilt in Gothic / Neoclassical style, replacing the sober Hanseatic style typical of the local construction. Speicherstadt is the district with the greatest characterization: once the seat of the dockers’ homes, it then became the area of commercial warehouses today converted into museums and cultural centers. The Elbphilharmonie, designed by Herzog & de Meuron, is probably one of the most recognized icons of the new millennium, embodying a desire for innovation that is involving the entire urban environment. In a constantly evolving scenario, we intend to imagine a housing capable of welcoming travelers and artists ready to immerse themselves in the cultural ferment that animates the German city. The Cultural Housing will renovate the skyline to become a new symbol, an architecture capable of fitting into a constantly changing context and ready to welcome new innovative stimuli.

#2 Condition of participation

There is no limit for the competition. I allowed to contest all those who want to deal with the theme proposed, whatever their country of origin. There are no age limits, can enroll graduate students, graduates or professionals. You can participate as an individual or as a group (max 5 components). In the second case it is necessary to elect a leader to have a contact person to which official communications. Each participant may submit only one project and not be part of more than one grouping. All competitors have the same rights and must fulfill the same obligations. Groups can be mixed or use more professional, they may be made simultaneously by graduate and undergraduate students.

#3 Entry

Application is open until the last day of the delivery processed 09th of April 2021.

The application procedures are:

SPECIAL ENTRY: by 07th of January – 31st of January the quote is of 18,00 euro by PayPal and 20,00 euro by bank transfer.

ORDINARY ENTRY: by 01st of February – 21st of March the quote is of 23,00 euro by PayPal and 25,00 euro by bank transfer.

FINAL ENTRY: by 22nd of March – 09th of April the quote is of 28,00 euro by PayPal and 30,00 euro by bank transfer.

The quotes are for each participants.

The methods of payment are the following:
-PayPal: You can submit your entry fee by referring to the mail archicontest@gmail.com

-Bank Transfer: For those wishing to pay by bank transfer can write to the email archicontest@gmail.com and ask specific information about the bank.

There are no refunds in any circumstances. Sending the registration fee you accept every point of this regulation.

FAQ: For any questions you can write to our mail before the 28th of March. The official languages of the competition are: English, Italian, Spanish.

#4 Download&Program

Following the payment, you must send the payment receipt and the Form A (read point 6 of regulation) to email archicontest@gmail.com . Only after this will send and area photos (no high-resolution images because it shouldn’t uses for rendering) and reference 2D dwg plan. It is forbidden to use a different plan than the one provided. Since this is a competition of ideas cannot find any reference to building restrictions do not constrain the work of competitors.

Functional specifications (to be considered as design support; Surfaces and functions can be implemented at the discretion of the participants):

Reception: 100 mq + 30 houses: 40 mq for each one + 20 houses: 60 mq for each one + 10 houses: 90 mq for each one + 10 shop to street livel: 40 mq for each one + Coffee shop: 150 mq + Machine room (water and electricity generators): 100 mq + Storage equipment for maintenance: 70 mq + Green area: 500mq

There is no heights limit and it is possible design underground spaces.

#5 Project area

THE PLACE: Burchardplatz
SURFACE: 1800mq

#6 Processed & Deadlines

The files in digital format must be sent in a single moment, with each title in the alphanumeric code chosen at the discretion of the participants, by 23:59 (Hamburg timetable) on 09th of April 2021 to the email archicontest@gmail.com; if the files exceed the capacity email you can use WeTransfer service to send its. Following the delivery the file cannot be re-submitted; in this case the participant will be excluded from the contest. This is part of the competition documentation:

-FORM A: Attached to this announcement and to be delivered in.pdf format and complete in each part of its. The form A must be sent both to the payment of the registration fee and to the delivery phase (panel and project report) together with the payment receipt.

-PROJECT PANEL: A digital file format A0 and drawn horizontally. It should be delivered in .jpg format with a resolution not exceeding 150 dpi. Anyone can decide how to draw up their work by inserting the elaborate plans, sections, three-dimensional reconstructions, render etc. The thesis project must contain at the top right an alphanumeric identifier (of 6 units) that each participant will choose freely. EXAMPLE (ARCH01, 1PROG2, LAB123, etc. etc.)

-RELATION OF PROJECT: A folder A4 .word format, minimum 3000 characters and maximum 4000 characters including spaces, format Arial 11, where not inserted images or graphics design. Internally they are described reasons formal and functional characterization of most of the proposal. In the header you must insert the alphanumeric code.

#7 Jury

Evaluation criteria:

– Integration context: 1-3 points

– Formal and functional choices: 1-3 points

– Project communication: 1-3 points

The results will be publish not later than il 25th of April 2021. The work of the jury is incontestable. Besides the winners and the eventual mentioned works, the rest of the participants will be consider tied.

#8 Awards&Results

The winners will be announced on the website of the Association no later than the date of 25th of April 2021. Will be deserving the first three works as well as any other projects which are not excluded special mentions.

#The winner will receive a prize of 500,00 euro (excluding TAX) for each participant.

#The winners and mentioned might take part for life at all our future competitions that we will propose on our portal.
The mentions are planned – for which there are no cash prizes – that the jury will agree to other worthy projects. All projects with recognition will be published on our site. For the winner: It is necessary to respond to our interview within 30 days from the publication of the results to proceed with the payment of the prize. Attendance certificates can be requested between the closing date of the contest and the date of publication of the results.

Follow the results on our profile Facebook and Instagram @startfortalents.

  • Internacional Competition: #HamburgCall
  • Theme: Cultural Housing for port city