IFA – International Finsa Award 2018

Início em 31/01/2018 até 30/04/2018

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The International FINSA Award 2018 challenges students to explore the use of recyclable and sustainable materials in construction. The competition will showcase the work of the students and their tutors, who support the design and development of the project, most importantly, the use of sustainable materials and design techniques.


This year’s competition focuses on designing a multipurpose space which can be used by both children and the elderly; a space which comprises of children’s nursery facilities and those of a care centre for the elderly. Both children and the elderly require a safe leisure environment, so the multipurpose space must meet the requirements of both these groups. The project must encourage positive interaction between children, the elderly, their carers and other members of the neighbouring community.


Participating teams must include at least one tutor/lecturer and up to a maximum of five students. There are no restrictions on the types of materials that can be used in the design of the project and the use of FINSA products is not obligatory but, remember that the main premise of the competition is to use sustainable materials in the design process.


The project should take into consideration the following:

– The multipurpose space must be adaptable for future developments (increased occupancy, changes in programming and activities).

– The project must use eco-friendly materials and economic resources (be resourceful and efficient with your materials!).



The panel will judge the competition in terms of the following criteria:

– The design of the multipurpose space must consider the needs of both children and the elderly, including safety, accessibility and interaction.

– The design must be efficient, using sustainable and/or recyclable materials.

– The design must be an efficient one, using materials which are sustainable and which are recycled and/or recyclable

– The multipurpose space must be contextual and suitable for its occupants.

– The design should encourage the positive interaction between children and the elderly within the multipurpose space and should be adaptable for other community activities.


Eligibility requirements:

Students of Architecture and Design, as part of a team or alone, representing their university, under the tutelage of one of the university’s professors.

Prize for the overall winner:
In collaboration with ASF (Architecture sans Fròntieres), the prize will be a working-trip. See details below:

– £3000 to put towards an ASF project of the winner’s choice – this will be chosen from all ASF International projects around the world which have an involvement in the competition.
– £2000 will be allocated to the winner(s) to cover the expenses of travel/stay.
Prize for the most innovative concept:
– £1000 allowance for travel and accommodation expenses to work alongside the winner in the chosen project destination.
Registration Deadline 28/02/2018 23:59
Submission Deadline 01/05/2018 00:00
Winners announcement & Final Event 08/06/2018
Upload guidelines
File requirements:
– Single file
– ZIP or RAR Format
– 150MB or less
Included in the compressed file:

1. Poster 

Size – Din A1
Format – PDF
Layout – Landscape
DPI – 300
Resolution – 7016 x 9933 pixels
2. Any other file(s) to be considered
– PDF Format
3. Raw files you used to compose the poster
Please note we ask for the files you used to compose the poster to use them on any layout we might need to promote your work through different platforms in case your project is shortlisted and exhibited.
– Participants may only register via the registration form available in our website.
– Participants may only register once.
– Registration is not transferable.
– New participants may register by completing the form available via the Registration menu in the website.
– Once registered, participants can modify their personal data and project by email (ifa@finsa.com) or on the site.
The decision of the judging panel will be taken with absolute freedom, discretion and independence under the criteria that they consider to be the most suitable in accordance with the objectives of the competition.

Judges decision is final and their verdict will be published on ifa.finsa.com

Through our website

With the submission of the designs to the competition, participants guarantee that they will not provide materials that infringe on any intellectual property or third-party rights, and thus release absolutely Finsa (Financiera Maderera S.A) of all liability for breach of any rule or infraction of the third-party rights on the part of the participants, assuming the obligation to keep Finsa (Financiera Maderera S.A.) free of all responsibility in such as case. Participants in the contest grant Finsa (Financiera Maderera S.A.) the exploitation rights of the images submitted, including the rights to use, disseminate, distribute, exhibit, use in public communications, release, reproduce on the internet or any other audiovisual media, display or exhibition, of the designs submitted.

Responsibility of the designer:
The designers of the works submitted will be responsible for any claims made in relation to the authorship of the designs and possible cases of plagiarism related to the same.

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