Lavazza Office Coffee System

Início em 05/08/2021 até 25/10/2021

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Lavazza Office Coffee System 

New product design contest on Lavazza is looking for two new table-top products that will be positioned in proximity to a coffee machine  (OCS, office coffee system) within refreshment areas, meeting rooms, hotels etc. The two products are A) a docking station onto which the coffee machine and cups/mugs can be placed and which presents a closable compartment where coffee-related products can be stored (pods, sugar packs, disposable teaspoons, etc.) and B) an organizer, an element to be positioned next to the coffee machine and which is meant to contain a range of products related to coffee consumption (pods, sugar packs, disposable teaspoons, etc.).


Important: this brief is to be considered in conjunction with the Ideally, the requested products for both contests can be designed as part of the same family and, as such, project proposals that display a continuity across both contests may be given preferential attention during the selection process.


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Contest timeline 

Upload Phase: 5 August 2021 – 25 October 2021 (2.59 PM UTC)

Client Vote: from 25 October 2021

Winner announcement: approximately by the end of November 2021


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Eligibility Criteria

Participation is free of charge and open to designers and creative talents of any nationality aged 18 years or older.


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  • Contest: Lavazza Office Coffee System

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