Lippert Innovative Table Leg

Início em 06/10/2023 até 14/12/2023

Categorias: 12 dezembro2023

Lippert Innovative Table Leg is a brand new challenge that combines innovation, design, and the adventurous spirit of caravanning. Co-organized by Lippert and Desall, this contest centers around the creation of an innovative table leg designed specifically for life on the move. 

Lippert, a renowned name in the world of mobile living solutions, is seeking new table leg designs that are not only functional but also characterized by versatility, multifunctionality, and space-saving features – elements that are crucial for enhancing the caravanning experience. The focus of the challenge is to push the boundaries of conventional design, seeking out ideas that distinguish themselves in a crowded market.

Participation in the call is free and includes a cash award for the best entry. Submissions are open until 14 December 2023.

Cash Award: 4000 Euro 

Participation: Participation is free and open to all creatives aged 18 and above, regardless of nationality. 

Deadline for Submissions: 14 December 2023, 13:59 UTC


Visit the official page for guidelines and submissions: 

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