Inspireli Awards 2021

Início em 19/05/2021 até 14/06/2021

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INSPIRELI AWARDS is the biggest international competition of students in architecture, urban and landscape design and interior design, which has already involved almost 136 countries.
INSPIRELI AWARDS allows young talents to tell their story, and raise awareness of themselves and their worldview before getting the opportunity to turn it into reality. It creates a unique opportunity to connect students of architecture and design, as well as new graduates with the general and professional public.
INSPIRELI COMPETITION is a competition for the design of the campus of the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava. Registered projects also compete within the INSPIRELI AWARDS.


The INSPIRELI AWARDS jury’s quality standards are guaranteed by prominent experts from professional and academic backgrounds around the world. The composition of the jury is adjusted annually and the jurors are selected on the basis of their expertise in one of the categories of the INSPIRELI AWARDS competition.


The projects are nominated for the finals by the so-called semi-final jury composed of architects who support the Inspireli Awards project.


The project of the campus of the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava has its own expert jury approved by the organizers.


Competitors submit works into three categories:

– Architecture

– Urban and landscape design

– Interior design


Financial prices:

– First price 2,000 Eur

– Second prize 1,500 Eur

– Third prize 1,000 Eur

Non-financial reward:
In the case of implementation, the author of the winning design will be named at the STU building in the courtyard, which will emerge from his winning design.

Time schedule

June 14, 2021 end of registration for the competition

June 15 – 30, 2021 start of voting in the semifinal

July 31, 2021 announcement of winners in three categories

August 1 – 14, 2021 start of voting in the final

August 15, 2021 meeting of the final jury

October 2021 announcement of winners


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