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Call me Architecture. I am a product of a way of thinking. Over the years, I have presented myself as a dream of civilizations. I have found myself layered endlessly, while my contemporaries have evolved into rather noteworthy images of their primitive selves. Although I am interpreted differently in many a space and time, I may mean the same. I see myself as an instrument to elucidate problems. My nature of debates may have changed and my discipline altered, but I have existed with one and only one purpose: to serve. I remember and I do reflect.

Although my learners have significantly cultivated newer spaces over the period of time where I have been transformed, twisted and determined to newer arrangements: it has been hard to perceive them not exploring a comfortable one for themselves. In fact, to be a student of architecture demands to be something other than the student at all the times. Hence, in the event of facilitating such an idea, I bring you an opportunity to paint me in the idea you want.

The open ideas competition invites participation from architects, designers and students to come up with an imaginary story of farming architectural learning into vertical derivative of a building. While there is no limit to one’s imagination, the competition would dwell in the historical city of Milan so as to gain a perspective of context and affairs around the place.

The participants are encouraged to deal with a unique and distinctive approach to the acknowledged domain of identity. We would indeed love to see architectural school as a comedy of individual errors which when unified produce a meaningful setting for ideas. Kindly avoid clichés as different traits of architecture schools and work towards more constructive programs. We ask you to go as much Up as possible to avoid the down.

Competition Timeline

Competition Launch : 31st January 2018

Early Registration: 11th February 2018

Early Registration Ends: 11th March 2018

Standard Registration: 12th March 2018

Last date for queries: 31st March 2018

Standard Registration Ends: 12th April 2018

Submission Deadline: 16th April 2018

Results: 13th May 2018


Winner : 2000 $ + Certificate

1st Runner-up : 1000 $ + Certificate

2nd Runner-up : 500 $ + Certificate

15 Honorable Mentions

Top 50 entries will be published on our website.

Top 3 entries may get additional publication at our media partners’ web pages.

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