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Amsterdam has been one of Europe’s pioneers of architecture and design, largely because of the 17th century rings of canal houses, gabled facades, windmills and drawbridges. Modern architecture developed organically in Amsterdam between the facades of historical buildings, making it one of the finest blends between Renaissance, Berlage and the Amsterdam School. The city has a very strong cultural and artistic identity. Amsterdam is the most important cultural and artistic center to the north from Paris and between London and Cologne.


Being a relatively small city in terms of its area, Amsterdam is enveloped by a sizeable green cover. Voted as one of the greenest cities in Europe, Amsterdam takes an active approach towards sustainability and conservation. One can find a variety of flora and fauna in beautiful forests, parks, dunes and other landscapes within an easy reach of the city center. The city is home to a number of parks with Vondelpark one of its crown jewels. The park is spread in an area of 47 acres, attracting almost 10 million visitors annually. The park hosts a wide variety of cultural, artistic and sporting events apart from the usual jogging and lazing around in the lush greens of the park.

The objective of this competition, Amsterdam Spring Pavilion, is to create a multi-usage pavilion in the emblematic Vondelpark that can connect people, nature and architecture. The pavilion should capture the essence of spring which is also the season of full bloom and be able to host different activities and activate the zone.
With its privileged location, the objective of the pavilion is to become a cultural and leisure reference point for inhabitants and visitors of the city, a space that is integrated in the natural environment of the park and that is flexible enough to adapt to a wide variety of activities on a moderate scale.
The participants are free to designate any kind of function (or not) to their pavilion that would fit in their narrative. No specific function is mentioned in the briefs for the spring pavilion. The participants are free to designate any kind of primary function or activities as per their interpretation or narrative. The project can be developed freely anywhere
in the park, it is up to the participants to find a balance between the proposed usages and the
fragile environment where it will be located.
The spring pavilion is envisioned as a meeting point for different cultural and leisure circuits, with the goal of using the same space for a broad range of daytime and nocturnal activities in a sustainable fashion that respects its surroundings. The idea is for it to become an obligatory stop for visitors to Vondelpark.

The competition is open to all, from every age and professional background, working in groups or individually. Teams can be formed by a maximum number of 3 people. The registration fee is paid per team.

Prizes worth EUR 2500 are up for claim with the distribution as follows:
Apart from the winners, the jury will select ’10 Editors’ Choices’ who will be featured on our website and several other international magazines and websites across the world. The winners and Editors’ Choices will be provided with an honorary certificate.

The competition is open to everyone in the world (architects, students, engineers etc.). You can participate individually or in a team. A team can have a maximum of three members only.

Early registration: – 1st February 2019- 28th February 2019
•    For foreign nationals: 40 EUR PER TEAM
•    For Indian nationals: 1200 INR PER TEAM
Standard registration: – 1st March 2019- 30th April 2019
•    For foreign nationals: 60 EUR PER TEAM
•    For Indian nationals: 1500 INR PER TEAM

Standard registration: – 1st May 2019- 30th May 2019
•    For foreign nationals: 80 EUR PER TEAM
•    For Indian nationals: 1800 INR PER TEAM

Submission deadline: 31st May 2019
Result: 25th June 2019
*All deadlines are 11:59 PM- 00:00 IST (India)

As a part of our initiative to encourage more student participation, we offer great discounts if a minimum of 5 teams register from one particular architecture school/university. Contact us at queries@switchcompetition.com to avail the offer.

•    Switch reserves the right to modify the competition schedule if deemed necessary.
•    Participant teams will be disqualified if any of the competition rules or submission requirements are not considered. Participation assumes acceptance of the regulations.
•    Team code is the only means of identification of a team as it is an anonymous competition.
•    The official language of the competition is English.
•    The registration fee is non-refundable.
•    Contacting the Jury is prohibited.

Please see the terms and conditions section on website.

This is an open international competition hosted by Switch to generate progressive design ideas. There are no plans for any proposal to be built. The competition is organized for education purpose only.
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