Tiny House Design Competition 2017

Início em 04/07/2017 até 31/08/2017

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Home is a domain that is intimate to all of us. Beyond its everyday function as a physical shelter for people and their activities, it connects with its user on a personal and emotional level.


The modern day scenario of environmental and financial concerns along with the desire to have more freedom has led people to follow simpler and efficient ways of living. With the rapid growth of technology and smart living there lies an opportunity for efficient spaces with the feeling of homeliness and personal touch points.


The Tiny House Movement celebrates this concept of simple yet resourceful living. The homes can be designed as an innovation of maximum usable space in minimum footprint, thus redefining sustainability.


Living small, yet Living it All.



The Design of the house should be innovative and creative with a sustainable edge. The relation between the exterior and interior spaces ought to be taken into consideration. The proposal should be well conceptualized. Most importantly, the area of the house should not exceed 250 sq.ft.
Mobility being a vital factor, the house need not be self-mobile, but should be treated as an extension that can be towed easily by a car or pickup truck. However, the participants can avoid the issue of mobility altogether but provide a strong justification for the same.

The Interior Program Spaces include:
Living Area | Sleeping Area for 2 | Cooking and Dining Area Toilet | Workspace.

Client Interaction is one of the critical components of the design proposal. For the purpose of this competition, entrants may assume an individual, couple, or a genre of people, based on the design concept.

Prizes of total USD 3200, broken down as follows:
-1st Prize: USD 1600 + Certificate
-2nd Prize: USD 1000 + Certificate
-3rd Prize: USD 600 + Certificate
-10 Honourable mentions: Certificates
Winners and honourable mentions will be published on Volume Zero website and several international architecture and design magazines.

-Early Registration Starts: 1st June 2017
-Early Registration Ends: 31st July 2017
-Standard Registration Starts: 1st August 2017
-Standard Registration Ends: 31st August 2017
-Closing Day for Submissions: 1st September 2017
-Announcement of Winners: 1st October 2017
*Note: All deadlines are 11:59 pm – 00:00 IST (India).

-Early Registration: From 1st June 2017 to 31st July 2017
For Indian nationals- INR 1700 (per team)
For Foreign nationals- EUR 65 (per team)

-Standard Registration: From 1st August 2017 to 31st August 2017
For Indian nationals- INR 2000 (per team)
For Foreign nationals- EUR 85 (per team)
Entrants may register by filling the registration form and submitting it with the appropriate payment through our secure gateway on our website volzero.


Tiny House Design Competition is open to all. We invite architects, students, engineers, designers, thinkers, companies, organizations and everyone interested in the mission of the competition to submit their ideas. No professional qualifications are necessary.

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