Barbosa & Guimarães Architects

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Barbosa & Guimarães Architects

• develops projects in various fields of architecture, ranging from public procurement contracts, educational buildings, health centers, sports facilities, cultural facilities, hotel equipment, institutional architecture, urban design, as well as the private residential buildings, commercial facilities and offices.

• The capacity to approach a program, inseparable from a client in a specific physical context, history and culture, embracing the expertise we have at our disposal or in some cases even forcing new techniques, and inovation, always trying to introduce an artistic intention, which will prove decisive in the final shape of the object. • When the form, function and structure are harmoniously fused in a single thing, we hit the unity, which we consider truly essential in our architecture.

• The projects are developed in a comprehensive way, emphasizing the details of all building elements. Constant research and technical solutions ensures constructive adaptation to specific project.

• The projects are the result of logic and a proper way intended to be consistent, always aware of trends in contemporary International architecture.

  • Rua Brito Capelo n.1023
  • 4450-077 Matosinhos