Building Concept

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Established by architects António Miguel Ferreira and Delfim Martins, together with civil engineer Sergio Morgado, building concept is an Architecture studio based in the Algarve, Portugal.
Developing projects in areas which include habitation, touristic equipments, urban planning and visual design.
Our commissions range from private and commercial clients, as well as self-initiated projects in network with other coleagues in different parts of the world.
We pursue a customized path in design and construction with an enphasis on materiality, craft and an attention to detail.

We focus on concepts as the basis for our projects.
We believe it is possible to create buildings resulting from a process of collective dialog, through imagination, intimacy, and a desire to create spaces that perform their tasks but which also have a poetic quality that makes all the difference.
We are interested in understanding clients needs and desires, finding inventive and practical ways of enhancing their living environments.
Whenever possible creating something EXTRAORDINARY.
We bring value for money, imagination and peace of mind to your project, ensuring what is being built is according to the project.

  • Rua Rodrigo Álvares, Lote 21, Loja 5 Meia Praia
  • 8600-315 Lagos