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BY THE END OF MAY is a research and design studio exploring the roles of manufacturing and crafts in creating a (non-linear), (post-consumerism) and (anti-alienation) economy.

In a time when we can open source and share online not only code but also material recipes and product designs, how can we reshape (the way we make things)? And if we used local resources to produce everything inside the city, what would factories look like?

How would our attitude towards materialism change, if we designed for (care and humbleness), rather than vulnerability and addiction? Or if we knew the faces of the people behind the objects we own, and the resources, time and energy spent on making them?

And now that we eventually realised that the man-made world is not isolated from the biological one, how can we (decentre humans) from the systems we created and include everything else around us—the community at large, the non-human species, the environment?

  • Lisbon, Portugal
  • 1100-300 Lisboa