Carolina Delgado

Carolina Delgado, is a portuguese photographer who lives and works in Lisbon. Since college she started the development of photography focused on documenting architecture. Influenced by her taste for photography, architecture and traveling, she began to develop her personal project, which consists of documenting various buildings or places, with which she establishes an intimate relationship. This project is organized in two different albums “singular buildings” and “landscapes”.

Born in 1991 in Lisbon. She graduated in architecture at UAL (Lisbon), with the thesis “Inhabit the Landscape Walking: Traveler and Fisherman : Retreat on the Island of Berlenga“. After finishing college, simultaneously starting to work as an architect at Almeida Fernandes Arquitectura (2017-19) and in 2019 as a freelancer, she started her own photography studio in 2016, working with some architecture studios in Portugal. 

Publications | 2017, Book “Voyage Journal I, Pico and Faial Island, Azores” – self-published | 2019, Book “Voyage Journal: Iberian Peninsula and Azores 2014-2018” – self-published | 2019, Photographs “Restaurante Mano a Mano”, Monograph RISCO / 2008-2018 – UZINA Books | 2019, Photographs “Rehabilitation of an Apartment in Chiado”, ON DISEÑO Magazine n.º 389/390  2019 FAD AWARDS.

  • Av. Almirante Gago Coutinho
  • 1700-031 Lisboa