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Eduardo Corales [1982]
Architect Universidad Católica de Chile [2009]

Architect at National Monuments Council in charge of interventions in typical areas and historical monuments [2012 – 2015] after which begins its independent practice.

He has participated in conferences at the Goëthe Institut in Santiago de Chile and in the Magister of Cultural Heritage at the Universidad Católica de Chile.

Teaching at UNIACC Arch. School in Studio of industrial architecture with heritage value. [2014]

Since 2014 he worked in a series of projects with a special attention in their preexisting elements and the exploration of new possibilities of use, centered in concepts like austerity, economy and authenticity, understanding the built context and its heritage value as key analysis elements in the development process of the city and the territory.

Actually he works in Lisbon and Santiago de Chile.

+569 8418 80 51  [CL]
+351 910 518 747 [PT]

  • rua Barâo de Sabrosa 282 Cav. Esq.
  • 1900-096