Francisco Tojal Arquitectos

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The office is a Lisbon based architecture practice, established in 2018.

Over the past years, Francisco has worked with David Adjaye and John Pawson in London developing

residential, commercial and cultural projects in the UK, Africa, China. Current projects are located in Portugal.

Francisco Segurado TojalArchitect and Founding Director

MA in Architecture from Universidade Lusíada de Lisboa in 2011

Worked for David Adjaye (2012-15 London, UK)

Worked for John Pawson (2015-17 London, UK)

Founded Francisco Tojal Arquitectos in 2018 (Lisbon,PT)

  • Avenida 25 de abril Edifício Navegador, nº1011 - loja 68 - A
  • 2750-515 Cascais - Portugal