Who are we –

A joint venture between members that share the same academic background with different professional experiences.

We have worked in projects back home, in Portugal, but also in other countries like Austria, Germany, Spain, USA, Brazil and China.

For the past 10 years, we have been building and developing architectural projects in all different scales, programs and meeting the needs of distinctive clients.

We are a team of motivated people who wants to change the world.

But since it is difficult, we focus on changing your world, for now.

Step by step.

What do we do –

Architecture, Design, Urban Strategies, Landscape, Interior Design.

How do we do it –

We are an empathy-driven office, focused on fulfilling our client’s specific requirements and always considering its social, urban and ecological impact.

Efficiency is a religion for us. We value the tight relation between planning and budget, by working with BIM technology and parametric design software.

Most of all, we treasure sustainability, by applying local, innovative and environmentally responsible strategies.

That sounds nice, but what do we value –

We are committed to our clients,

Cherishing regulations and engagements.

We are serious but actually,

Enjoying to be playful, poetic, calm yet exciting.

We work with light, sound, wind, space,

Letting nature in, to become the lead actor.

We believe in sustainability, energy-positive buildings,

Incorporating natural resources and textures.

We reuse, reduce and reproduce resources,

Looking back to tradition, looking forward to innovation.

And, at the end of the day, what makes us feel alive –

The ocean, the sound of waves, the sun rising and setting down.

The breeze that blows gently and makes each leaf dance on each tree.

The infinity of the blue sky, of the blue water.

The moment and space both blues meet and cross the fine line between the imagination and the real world.

  • Avenida da Boavista 1203, sala 505 Porto
  • 4100-130 Porto