Cristalbanho, Lda was born in 2008, and from the beginning was distinguished in Portugal by its vast and complete range of home design products, betting on the medium and premium market, as well as in its commercial policy with its customers, with whom it maintains a very strong and close relationship.

In the early days, we have introduced some brands in the Portuguese market that have never been present before and since then they became a reference in our market.

Cristalbanho Lda created Livingbath to promote brands to an especific professional market such as architects, decorators and interior designers. Some of our projects involve some of the most important architects, designers and promoters in Portugal

Due to several requests and a fast developing market, Livingbath decided to look for brands that work with specific materials, brands with innovative, different and creative design.

We are constantly looking for new materials, designs and at the tendencies in this vast market in order to bring to our country innovative solutions and and new products.

  • Lisboa
  • 1750-161