Categorias: Rendering

Based on ideas, sketches or drawings we build detailed 3D models of your ideas, which we compose with materials and light to create effective and engaging narratives in Architectural Visualizations and appealing Virtual Reality experiences.

NATA – ARCHVIZ draws and visualizes perspective images of not yet realized and no longer existing buildings.
The drawing is the tool of the architect to develop and present his ideas. Colouring, texturing and natural lighting create atmospheric architectural visualizations, sections, views and floor plans.
The architectural visualizations and illustrations are aesthetically and faithfully adapted to your project.

NATA – VR creates unique VR experiences for our collaborators to show their clients in real time what their design is about. Changing materials or models of furniture is interactively possible with our VR implementation and we also offer synchronic project development.
Our System is ready for Desktop Computers, OCULUS RIFTHTC VIVE and any mobile devices.

We from NATA – ARCHVIZ always strives to find a balance between art and reality.

NATA – ARCHVIZ founded in 2018, but the experience of our team goes way back before this time. Our team consists of creative minds working in the architecture and design industry. We speak English, French, German, Italian and Luxembourgish.



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