OODA Architecture

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OODA Architecture is ideological and methodological principles within a regional and global architecture aim to challenge and change the traditional architectural model, leading to a more contemporary approach to the way of practice and promotion of architecture.

Design process

We like to understand the design process of each project as a deep journey that starts and ends on site. The site provides us plenty of information for a starting point, but is also there, during the construction stage, that ideas are turned into reality. In-between, there are plenty of testing periods using different techniques, from hand sketch to 2D drawings, from rhino models to physical models.

Model shop

In Matosinhos, a new model shop houses some new technological 3d printers, namely a CNC (Computer Numeric Control) which is installed with speed and capacity for modelling large proportions of three-dimensional models for experimentation or presentation.


The proximity between all members in the team corresponds to the design process, without compartments or hierarchical divisions of a horizontal organizational structure. The mobility and versatility of the project teams require this to be the case.

  • Escritório Lisboa: Rua da Junqueira 362, 1300-217 Lisboa
  • Escritório Porto: Rua Brito e Cunha 431
  • 4450-087 Matosinhos