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PABLO PITA is a Porto-based architecture partnership between Pablo Rebelo and Pedro Pita established in 2010. Their different working background allows them to take in charge every challenge, seeking the balance between the strong-concepted approach and the filigreed intervention that any site demands. That pursuit results in a nonrestrictive study covering every art form, always heading towards to the client needs.
Pablo Rebelo (Caracas, 1983) and Pedro Pita (Porto, 1983) both graduated in Architecture at the University of Porto.

2017 . TIC 2nd Prize in the Terminal Intermodal de Campanhã Competition, Porto, Portugal
2016 . AARCH Purchased Entry in the New Aarhus School of Architecture Competition, Aarhus, Denmark
2014 . BAIXO 2nd Prize in the Quinta de Baixo Competition, Porto, Portugal
2012 . BADEL 1st Prize in the International Babel Block Competition, Zagreb, Croatia
2010 . SOUTO wins AICO AWARD

2016 . AARCH featured in the Exhibition Building, Aarhus, Denmark
2014 . BAIXO featured in Central de Nova Sintra Competition Exhibition, Porto, Portugal
2013 . BADEL featured in "Portuguese Architecture – Quiet is the New Loud", São Paulo, Brasil
2012 . BADEL featured in ZGFORUM Exhibition, Zagreb, Croatia
2011 . SOUTO featured in “on the run, Jovens Arquitectos em Concurso”, Porto, Portugal

2016 . "Duplas Improváveis", Teatro Micaelense, Ponta Delgada, Açores, Portugal
2015 . "Reabilitação de Edifícios" – DCE, FEUP, Porto, Portugal

2016 . BOAVISTA in P3
2016 . PABLO PITA in Roof Magazine
2014 . MATERNIDADE in "Portuguese Restored Houses" by Uzina Books – Portugal
2014 . MATERNIDADE in "Townhouse Design" by Braun – Switzerland
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2012 . PABLO PITA in Aktual – Croatia
2012 . BADEL in P3
2012 . BADEL in Archdaily
2012 . BADEL in Europaconcorsi
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2010 . SOUTO in “Espaços e Casas" – SicNotícias/Expresso

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