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SPACEGRAM is an emerging, Lisbon-based studio that brings together graphic and spatial design to create bold, unexpected spaces and experiences. Its three founding partners – Ana Ferrão, Bruno Pereira, and Gilberto Pedrosa – came together from different creative backgrounds with a shared desire with a shared desire to channel the passion they each have for excellent design into new work; to experiment, evaluate, and then experiment more.

Our combined range of international experience allows us to work across a range of disciplines – namely interior, product, graphic design and architecture – with a common set of aesthetic values and an expanding catalogue of cutting-edge design techniques. We are motivated by a holistic, exploratory approach to solving design problems – a rejection of conventional boundaries or stylistic paths.

We are passionate and experimental; believing that boldness in design does not equate ostentation. Instead we rely on nuances of colour, texture, and simplicity of form to project elegant confidence. Our professional approach is built on a mutual desire to create a studio which functions in a way we would like it to if we were our own clients. For this reason, we treat each brief as though it is our first – unshackling ourselves from expected or recycled design solutions. We offer a harmonised approach not just to building spaces and objects, but to crafting a story around them. We understand that good design lives far beyond ceremonial ribbon-cutting.

So we dive in deep, making it our business to know our clients’ needs. We then work to create a defiantly unique design system that singularly represents their identity and day-to-day needs. We understand that in an over-saturated visual landscape, our clients want spaces that offer something fresh, whilst continuing to respond to their particular lifestyles. For us, bespoke design goes beyond designing to our clients’ whims and becomes a dogged endeavour for us to provide them with a visual landscape that has meaningful impact and longevity.

Spacegram is therefore dedicated to creating a start-to-finish design service, from practical research, to generation of space, to the creation of objects that speak the same language as that space. We offer a fully- fledged experience by uniquely articulating and customising every detail tied to a project. Our goal is to curate, design, and deliver spatial environments in an experimental and future-driven manner. We work best with clients who believe in the power of smart, beautiful, integrated design as much as we do.



  • Rua Carlos Mardel 5
  • 2º andar
  • 1900-117 Lisboa - Portugal

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