Vítor Leal Barros Architecture

Categorias: Arquitetos

I understand architecture as a multidisciplinary activity capable of bringing together in one project all the economic, social and historical issues of a specific site.

In my work I’m focused and committed to the search of different approaches and creative directions in the field of architecture, using the design practice with a more sustainable and strategic view, while creating my own particular architectural identity.

I believe that all the great architecture pieces that history has brought to present, need a time ‘to breath’, a time for reflection, not only in the comprehension and understanding of the architectural object itself, but also, and most important, in the whole designing process.

As the world goes digital and fast, almost running over the biological human time, I’m aiming to go against the flow, embracing a time to listen and to be listened, in the search of a more pleasant, open and solid relationship with clients.

For me architecture is a powerful discipline which enhances greatly the quality of human life, if it is used with responsibility, critical thought and strongly conscientious of urban and environmental issues. In my opinion the architectural object should not be an exhibitionism act, but rather a balanced product between observation, rational thinking, sustainable actions and poetic feel.

Vítor Leal Barros Architecture Studio was founded in 2019 and is based in Porto, Portugal.

  • Rua de Santa Catarina, 678
  • 4000-446 Porto