Hélder Simões, estudante da FA.ULisboa ganha Menção Honrosa no Young Visionary Architeture Competition 2021

Categorias: Arquitetura

Hélder Simões, estudante da FA.ULisboa ganhou uma Menção Honrosa no Concurso Internacional Young Visionary Architeture Competition 2021. O trabalho a concurso teve como orientador o Professor Doutor Miguel Baptista Bastos.

De acordo com o autor, “This proposal focuses on the articulation of the two fabrics of the city, seeking to consolidate the formal and informal area. It is proposed to create a linear infrastructure, of urban scale, which has the ability to articulate the city through paths, implementation of a social program with the inclusion of places of affluence and new centralities, and that at the same time performs its main function as infrastructure that supports the city and that is able to facilitate the access of housing (and the population) to essential goods such as water, electricity, gas and sanitation.”