Homeless World Cup Legacy Center

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After receiving over 35 qualified proposals for a Youth and Women’s Leadership Center in Santa Cruz, Rio de Janiero, Brazil, the selection committee announced the following five RFP Finalists and five Honorable Mentions.


With the Homeless Women’s World Cup arriving in Rio de Janiero, Brazil in fall 2010, Architecture for Humanity, Homeless World Cup, and Nike GameChangers are teaming up with local partners Organização Civil de Ação Social (OCAS), and Bola pra Frente (BPF) to establish permanent Legacy Centers. During the inaugural Homeless World Cup held in Melbourne in late 2008, it was identified by participating homeless delegations that the Homeless World Cup could establish specific programs for homeless women using soccer and social enterprise, enabling them to be the drivers behind their own social and economical development and in turn extend their knowledge with the same positive team attitude and leadership skills soccer brings forth.


Representatives of the selection committee reviewed all of the entries for the most effective, empowering, integrated, sustainable, innovative, organized and beautiful solution for the leadership center.


The winning team will be awarded the commission as architect of record for the project. If the team is not locally licensed, then a partnership will be formed. Finalists and Honorable Mentions will receive Nike Products from the 2010 Brazil World Cup Team.


These are the five RFP Finalists:



Finalist: Youth and Women’s Leadership Center; Team: Lomapreta Nolte Arquitetos with NE Arquitetura, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Finlist: Youth and Women’s Leadership Center; Team: Elizabeth Añaños and Daniel Feldman, Bogota, Columbia


Finalist: goal!; Team: Cassio Orlandi Sauer & Elisa Toschi Martins, Porto Alegre, Brazil


Finalist: CROSSROADS & EDGES; Team: Campo, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Finalist: SCRJ Legacy Center & Stadium; Team: Keith Kaseman & Julie Beckman, KBAS LLC, Philadelphia, USA

And these are the five RFP Honorable Mentions:


Honorable Mention: Youth and Women’s Leadership Center; Team: Edson Mahfuz, Porto Alegre, Brazil


Honorable Mention: Social Harvester – a New Catalyst for Santa Cruz; Team: Antonio Pedro Coutinho, Jamille Coelho Barbosa


Honorable Mention: Youth and Women’s Leadership Centre in Santa Cruz, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil; Team: Gonçalo Antunes de Azevedo, co-authors: Luis Afonso, Ingrid Murer,Lisboa, Portugal


Honorable Mention: Podemos! Kick-Starting Community Growth; Team: Alloy Studio Works, Kwei Cheng Chang, Nicolas Koff, Alex Muller, Vincent Leugn, Gabriel Sosa


Honorable Mention: The Sombra Stadium; Team: Randy Shear: Sheardesigns and Claudia Peres Maggiani