Isumavut Bound: Maria João Fonseca e Joana Pestana Lages

Categorias: Arquitetura

An ironic and derisory project on modern life. Based on the work/rest combination, it is meant as a reflection on the human condition. This installation draws on the image of a hamster wheel, and it plays the very same role, if it is used by more than one person. One person running on the wheel, in fact, generates a movement that rocks another person lying in a hammock connected to the mechanism.


Joana Pestana Lages (Architect). Since 2002 she worked in Lisbon- Promontório Arquitectos – and abroad with Willy Muller, dRMM and Renzo Piano. In 2009 she established Isumavut Arquitecturas.

Maria João Fonseca (Landscape Architect). Since 2001 she worked in landscape architecture offices and in 2008 founded BOUND – Arquitectos Paisagistas, where she currently develops projects with multidisciplinary teams.
In 2009 they met in LxFactory, joined synergies to develop innovative projects, mainly focusing on self-construction architecture and the remaking of public space.