Winners announced of Designs for Australia’s CITIES 2050 + COMPETITION

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The Final stage in the process of choosing entries from the national ‘Designs for Australia’s cities 2050+’ competition to be exhibited in the Australian Pavilion at this year’s Venice Biennale has been announced. A total of 17 proposals were chosen from the shortlist.


Most of these will be rendered in 3D for screening in the Australian Pavilion in Venice, while others may be incorporated in a smaller capacity.


The Creative Directors were impressed by the range of approach and philosophy of the ideas expressed in both stages of the ‘Designs for Australian Cities 2050+’ Competition. In many ways the competition exceeded expectations and they look forward to broadcasting selected entries on the worldwide stage of the Biennale.

The team’s two-part ‘NOW + WHEN Australian Urbanism’ exhibition will highlight six of Australia’s most interesting urban and anti-urban regions as they are ‘NOW’, before dramatically representing the 17 futuristic urban environments from the competition imagining a ‘WHEN’ we reach 2050 and beyond.


The teams chosen to contribute to the exhibition are:

Sydney 2050: Fraying Ground, RAG URBANISM, Richard Goodwin (Richard Goodwin Art/Architecture), Andrew Benjamin, Gerard Reinmuth (TERRIOR)



Sydney 2050: Fraying Ground

Symbiotic City, Steve Whitford (University of Melbourne, Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning) + James Brearley (BAU Brearley Architects and Urbanists, Adjunct Professor RMIT)

The Fear Free City, Justyna Karakiewicz, Tom Kvan and Steve Hatzellis



The Fear Free City

A City of Hope, EDMOND & CORRIGAN, Design – Peter Corrigan (everything), Realisation – Michael Spooner (and support)

Mould City, Colony Collective, Madeleine Beech, Jono Brener, Nicola Dovey, Peter Raisbeck and Simon Wollan

Sedimentary City, Brit Andresen and Mara Francis

Aquatown, NH Architecture with Andrew Mackenzie



Multiplicity, John Wardle Architects & Stefano Boscutti



Ocean City, Arup Biomimetics, Alanna Howe, Alexander Hespe


Ocean City

-41 + 41, Peck Dunin Simpson Architects, Fiona Dunin, Alex Peck, Andrew Simpsons in association with Martina Johnson, Third Skin, Eckersley Garden Architecture, Angus McIntyre, Tim Kreger

Survival vs Resilience, BKK Architects (Tim Black, Julian Kosloff, Simon Knott, George Huon, Julian Faelli, Madeleine Beech, Jane Caught and Steffan Heath) Village Well, Charter Cramer and Daniel Piker


Survival vs Resilience

Terra Form Australis, HASSELL, Holopoint & The Environment Institute, Tim Horton, Tony Grist, Prof Mike Young, Ben Kilsby, Sharon Mackay, Susie Nicolai, Mike Mouritz

Island Proposition 2100 (IP2100), Scott Lloyd, Aaron Roberts (room11) and Katrina Stoll



Island Proposition 2100 (IP2100)

Implementing the Rhetoric, Harrison and White with Nano Langenheim, Marcus White, Stuart Harrison and Nano Lagenheim

How Does it Make You Feel (HDIMYF), Ben Statkus (Statkus Architecture), Daniel Agdag, Melanie Etchell, William Golding, Anna Nguyen, Joel Ng

Loop-Pool / Saturation City, McGauran Giannini Soon (MGS), Bild + Dyskors, Material Thnking, MGS – Eli Giannini, Jocelyn Chiew, Catherine Ranger, Bild – Ben Milbourne, Dyskors – Edmund Carter, Material Thinking – Paul Carter



Loop-Pool / Saturation City