Winners of Who’s Next Green Home Design Contest

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The winning entries of FreeGreen‘s “Who’s Next” Green Home Design Contest are in.

The challenge of the competition was to re-envision the typical American suburban home in an ecologically conscious manner that also reflects today’s modern lifestyle within 1,800 Sq. Ft. or less.


Here are the winning projects:

First Place: A Modern Craftsman for the New South
Daryl S. Rantis Architects P. A., Asheville, North Carolina


First Place: A Modern Craftsman for the New South, Daryl S. Rantis Architects P. A., Asheville, North Carolina (more info)

Philosophy: “Our mission is simply to create beautiful places. We emphasize beauty to produce environments we hope lift the human spirit. Let us help you with your vision. A hallmark of our practice is custom residential work. Details and their follow-through are of utmost importance to us in a custom residence or remodeling project. We work on all manner of projects – from small “treehouse” homes of 1,000 sq. feet to large residential projects with pools and wine cellars. We welcome all ideas to the table.”

Second Place: Loft House
Alan Knox, Austin, Texas


Second Place: Loft House, Alan Knox, Austin, Texas
Philosophy: “For me, Architecture is about people. Design is essential. Thus far my academic and professional pursuits have been a means of equipping the necessary knowledge, skills, & relationships in order to soon realize the beginnings of my carrier goals. I have high expectations of myself and others in a professional sense. I am always excited to meet like minded people in and out of the profession. I do not believe architecture is the end all to problem solving but can and should be a key ingredient to developing successful responses to the needs of the built environment. I believe that success requires pushing design, and pushing design requires taking responsibility. I am interested in embracing responsibility because with responsibility comes opportunity and opportunities are where I believe we have a chance to impact peoples lives.”

Third Place: ECO-BOX
SERPA + LEE, Durham, North Carolina


Third Place: ECO-BOX, SERPA + LEE, Durham, North Carolina

Philosophy: “Our alliance is based on the constant search for new technologies that can be applied to architectural means and develop new strategies for human inhabiting. Nicole’s expertise on Ecological Engineering adds an important component to my architectural research where the result avoids the design of houses with added “Green systems” and as opposite seeks for the design of programmatic events around Eco-Systems. Our main goal is to study the latest technologies on materials and sustainability so we can link them to specific human situations where the overlapping of the professional fields can produce new dwelling systems.”

Here are some more top entries we liked:


[Re]Nest House, R2S design, Asheville, North Carolina


SUM House, LIGHTSHED, Brooklyn, New York


LOT253, house5 inc, Winnipeg, Canada


urban savoir faire, Tergos, Québec, Canada


Min/Max House, gh design, Albuquerque, New Mexico


Passive Solar House, Jason Roan Design, Cambridge, Massachusetts