Cabin ANNA

Cabin ANNA – Without any architectural education, Schols started his project in 2016 aer his mother asked him to design a cabin. Schols was looking for a concept that creates a dynamic connection between man, nature, and home. A flexible space where she could read or paint, organize family dinners, and where her grandchildren could give theatre performances. The project got nominated for several design awards and received worldwide attention. The original design has been further developed into ANNA Stay, aimed at short- or long-term occupancy.


ANNA Stay derives its stability from a unique structure that has its origin in buildings such as railway stations, which rely only on the side walls for structural integrity. That’s where the beautifully craed wooden trusses come from.


For the construction only high quality natural materials are used. The outside is made of sustainable Siberian larch wood. On the inside, birch plywood has been used for high quality and its light colour. Most wood is le untreated and saw dust is used for insulation. The two layers are carried by eight industrial wheels, supported on rails.


ANNA Stay comes with an indoor bathroom with shower and separate flush toilet, a fully furnished kitchen and plenty of storage space. A bathtub is integrated in the floor area. ANNA provides room for up to 2 king-size beds. ANNA Stay can be equipped with a central heating installation. The cabin is also available in a self-sufficient off-grid version including a fire heated boiler, a solar energy system and water waste treatment system.


The cabin is manufactured to minimize time on-site. On-site work is done by an electric spider crane. The whole cabin can be remounted and relocated any time. In flatpack ANNA Stay can technically be built at any location in the world.


Due to its quick assembly it is suitable for the most secluded areas. The cabin is surprisingly light so, in most cases, does not need a foundation. Some soil types may require a screw foundation.


ANNA Stay is a reproducible cabin that can be flexibly assembled and disassembled anywhere in the world. The cabin is designed so that it can be delivered either in one piece or as a flatpack fitted in a container.



Cabin ANNA

‘s-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands

Caspar Schols

Photo credits
Tõnu Tunnel and Jorrit ‘t Hoen

Area of cabin incl. terrace
55.4 m2 or 596.3 2

Entresol floor area
ca. 8 m2 or 86.1 2

Usable covered floor area
13.7 – 47.9 m2 or 147.4 – 515.5 2

ca. 9 tons

Height of cabin
4.5 m or 14.7

Dimensions of base incl. terrace
12.8 m X 4.3 m or 42 X 14.1