Craft Beer Factory – ABC

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Given the specificity of this project, both in terms of its program either in its relation with the rest of the territory, there were taken into consideration several factors, especially given its individual character, being a project of considerable size and importance, even for the region. The manufacture of craft beer, it’s indeed a unique service in our region and it’s implementation will strengthen the productive and tourist offer in our municipality, contributing to the reduction of seasonal tourism, and the diversity and economic development, offering new experiences to our visitors, stimulating new jobs. This particular experience turns out to join not only the aspect of tasting a real craft beer, where you can relish the various aromatic herbs native of Arrábida present in the beer, as well as the knowledge aspect through guided tours allowing to know the production method.

Another determining factor in this proposal as stated above, the property is located in an area already consolidated in terms of the amount of existing services. Yet the plot itself, moves away slightly off the main artery, almost looking for a space of his own, that maintaining a good accessibility, can establish a close relationship to nature, in an area characterized by the green and by the view of Arrábida’s mountain. Taking into account these aspects, decisive in the development of a solution not only consistent with the site but also in its own organization, we sought to define a program to give an effective response to the client needs, allowing simultaneously to establish relations with the place, providing interaction spaces to visitor, privileging the green areas. In this sense, the building now proposed, intended to mark that territory, not aggressively, imposing to everything else, but coherently through a sensitive architectural language, establishing links with the various elements present, namely the mountain and the surrounding natural areas.


Craft Beer Factory – ABC


Jun – 2015





Construction Area

1 318.00 Sqm


SPL Arquitectos


SPL Arquitectos

Desenvolvido para Rui Casaca, Lda.