This flat had incredible frames of a unique view over the city, the Tagus River and the 25 de April Bridge.  these views inspired us to play with the concept of gravity and fluidity of the space through design.

The concept came as a floating bench turning into the piece of contemplation of the view and bridge, and becoming in itself a piece to be contemplated. And pushing this even further came the idea of the kitchen island merging into the dinning cantilever table, also positioned for a full contemplation of the view.The two main elements ; the kitchen cantilever table and the floating bench compose the flat. Both elements were used to push and explore the limits of its materiality to achieve the lightness and fluidity intended.

And this is where the mind games begin, the “trompe l’oeil”. After all how can a marble bench be in a 3 meter cantilever?

This project won the Neolith 2016 Awards. In addition to its design, Neolith has been the material chosen in this residential project to transmit lightness and fluidity to the space, melting into the environment. For its realization, the large format of 320 x 150 cm has been used. While to create this “hanging” effect, it has been necessary to design an invisible steel structure, both for the bank and for the island, trying to square the drawing of the characteristic veins, which this model presents.


JGB FLAT – 110m2


Architecture team
Filipe Lourenço, Gabriella Gama, Inês Braz, Vanessa Vieira.

Fernando Guerra


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