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Mimalism furniture collection seeks triggering emotions on the observer by means of a simultaneous exploration of form, material combination and touch. Traditional materials are combined and reworked into sophisticated and stylized shapes, whereas the oscillation between opposed values – sharp and fluffy, cold and warm, hard and soft – captivates the observer’s senses.
Just as much as Art works, these Furniture Pieces have the power of stirring up the observer’s emotions.
Perfection is MIMALISM’s main aim, and hence the most qualified and dedicated professionals produce each piece. All products are carefully manufactured in Portugal. Perfectionism, dedication and love are part of each piece.
Each piece is unique. Each piece is an artwork.
“Above all, we believe in intelligent beauty. Intelligence goes beyond the old dictum form-and- function to reach a state where it directly triggers emotions.“
– Marta Brandao & Mário Sousa

The full collection will be presented in Paris, 5-9 September, at the furniture fair Design & Objet.


MIMA three-legged dining table is simple and perfect from every angle. The elegant and minimalist design of this table gives the sensation of lightness and simplicity, yet it is incredibly robust and stable. On the top of the table we can see a slight curve that designs a heart and gets bigger in its own reflection.
The peculiar connection of the legs to the top of the table offers the design of an M, base icon of Mimalism work, ending with a pristine intersection of the three legs in the centre.
"We get the feeling that the top of the table is bended when seen from different perspectives though it is completely flat. This is indeed a fascinating design piece to be discovered throughout time."