CIDADES, Comunidades e Territórios / CITIES, Communities and Territories

Início em 30/07/2017 até 31/10/2017

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This thematic dossier of CIDADES, Comunidades e Territórios / CITIES, Communities and Territories aims to look over to the new grounds of creative tourism theory and practice, and simultaneously to contribute to the reflection on the economic and community benefits of developing and implementing creative tourism projects in small cities and rural areas. Thus, it welcomes paper proposals that reflect on:

– New trends in creative tourism research
– Qualitative and quantitative methodologies applied to the creative tourism research
– New theoretical approaches to the concept of creative tourism
– The different bases for creative tourism (arts, crafts, tradition, senses, community, …) to shape a classification
– Specificities of the creative tourism offer and demand
– Sustainability and implementation models of creative tourism initiatives
– Creative tourism in different spatial atmospheres: differences, challenges, advantages, limitations, and beneficiaries
– Creative tourism, territory, and community: connections and disconnections
– Economic, social, environmental, and cultural impacts of creative tourism

Deadline to submit paper proposals: 31 October 2017 
  • Tema: Creative Tourism in Small Cities and Rural Areas

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